Hu Yanjun

Hu Yanjun, Vice Mayor of the Guang'an Municipal People's Government


  He is responsible for work related to education and sports, civil affairs, sanitary facilities and health (including Chinese medicine management), veterans affairs, health care security, national defense mobilization and ethnic religions. 

  He is in charge of units such as the Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Education and Sports(including Guang'an Municipal Enrollment Office, Guang'an Municipal Institute of Education Science),  Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, Guang'an Municipal Commission of Sanitary Facilities and Health(including Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Chinese Medicine Administration, Guang'an Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Guang'an Municipal Central Blood Center, Guang'an Municipal Office of Patriotic Health Committee),Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs, Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Health Care Security, Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Ethnic Religions, Guang'an Municipal Office of Recruiting, Guang'an Vocational & Technical College, Guang'an TV University. 

  He serves as the liaison with Guang'an Municipal Red Cross. 

Guang'an China
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