Xiao Weihua

Xiao Weihua, Vice Mayor of Guang'an Municipal People's Government


He is responsible for work related to industrial economy, science and technology, emergency management, finance, economic cooperation, military-civilian integration, and safe production.

He is in charge of units such as the Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology (including Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Private Economy Development, Guang'an Municipal Office of Information Technology), Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Emergency Affairs (including Guang'an Municipal Bureau for Public Safety, Guang'an Municipal Mine Rescue Brigade), Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Finance, Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Economic Cooperation.

He serves as liaison with units such as the Guang'an Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Guang'an Municipal Association of Science and Technology, Guang'an Central Sub-Branch of the People's Bank of China, Guang'an Municipal Sub-Bureau of China Banking Regulatory Commission, all banking financial institutions, all securities industry financial institutions, Guang'an Municipal Insurance Association,  Sub-Bureau of East-Sichuan Coal Mine Security Supervision,  State Grid Guang'an Municipal Electric Power Company, Guang'an Salt Industry Branch Company.

Guang'an China
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