Li Jigang

Li Jigang, Vice Mayor of Guang'an Municipal People's Government


  He is responsible for work related to business, market inspection and management, communications. He assists other officials in work related to poverty alleviation and development, economic cooperation.

  He is in charge of units such as the Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Commerce (including Guang'an Municipal Office of Electrical Business Logistics), Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision (including Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Intellectual Property, Guang'an Municipal Office of Food Safety). He assists officials in managing Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Poverty Alleviation and Development, Guang'an Municipal Bureau of Economic Cooperation.

  He serves as liaison with the Guang'an Customs, China Council for Promotion of International Trade Guang'an Committee, Guang'an Tobacco Enterprise, Guang'an Municipal Administration of Postal Services, Guang'an Branch of China Post Group, Guang'an Sales Branch of China National Petroleum Corporation, Guang'an Municipal Office of Communications, Guang'an Branch of China Telecom, Guang'an Branch of China Mobile, Guang'an Branch of China Unicom, Guang'an Branch of China Tower, Guang'an Branch of Sichuan Cable TV Netwok.

Guang'an China
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