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Guang'an is a city with vigor and fast development. Since the prefecture and municipality was set up in Guang'an more than ten years ago, Guang'an people have remembered Mr. Deng Xiaoping's earnest entrust—"Guang'an must be constructed well", made full use of the superiorities of politics, region and resource, made great efforts for new industry, modern agriculture and tourism completely united and bravely, made the economy and society develop continuously, rapidly and soundly. In recent years, Guang'an adapts to the new normal of the economic development actively, adheres to the new actions under the new normal, focus on the investment, steady growth, adjusting structure and promoting transformation. The main economic indicators of growth of Guang'an are in the forefront in Sichuan province. In the next few years, Guang'an will adapt to the new normal of the economic development actively, adhere to make progress during maintaining stability, implement to "three strategies of development" thoroughly, promote to "two leaps". Transform the high-tech patented technology of academician team actively, develop the six high-end and 10 billion industries vigorously, they are the fine chemical, biological medicine, electronic information, energy saving and environmental protection and new materials, new residential manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing. Accelerate to develop the six new leading service industries, they are the E-commerce, modern logistics, modern finance, science and technology service, health and pension, communications. Accelerate the transformation of development, pay close attention to the difficulties of reform, promote to manage the city under the rule of law, strengthen the protection of people's livelihood, strengthen risk prevention and control, try the best to be in the forefront in the reform and opening up in Sichuan province. To build Guang'an into an important tourism destination in the world, promote the urbanization, insists on the scientific development, complete the construction of harmonious Guang'an.

Guang'an China
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