History and Culture

Guang'an is a place propitious for giving birth to great men. The recorded civilization history of Guang'an can be traced back to over 3,000 years ago. After the second year during the reign of Emperor Kaibao of Song Dynasty, Guang'an Army was set up based on the meaning "vast settlement and stability ", the name "Guang'an" has been carried until now, and the state or prefecture had been set up here in all dynasties for more than 1000 years. In the ancient times, Guang'an belonged to the Ba Country. Bandunman were Guang'an ancestors, belong to BA People, due to the geographical advantage of the Jialingjiang River and Qujiang River Basin, had gradually become the most powerful people of BA People. Bandunman lived on hunting and fishing, were quick and fierce warriors, had participated in the "Muye Battle" during "the Crusade against King Zhou of Shang by King Wu of Zhou". According to the records of "Shang Shu" and "HuaYang Guo Zhi": "BA warriors were brave and energy, their songs and dances patronized Yin people, and made Yin people defected, it led to be rivers of blood". Bandunman also participated in the battle "Liu Bang Put down Guanzhong", they were the Han pioneer, brave and good dance, and were unstoppable. Guang'an had long history and splendid culture, it was pregnant with many people with lofty ideals. There was Pang Xiong, Discipline Inspection Censor of Han Dynasty; An Bing, Guo Gong of Song Dynasty. In modern times, there were also many great men in Guang'an, such as Pu Dianjun, the leader of Guarantees the Road Movement; QinBing, one of the 72 martyrs in Huanghuagan. Mr. Deng Xiaoping, extraordinary great man of this century, is the most outstanding representative in the history of Guang'an. He was born in the Paifang Village, Xiexing town, Guang'an District on August 22, 1904, and left Guang'an in 1919 for setting foot on the journey of the revolution. He has made illustrious military exploits to the Chinese national independence, people's liberation, and the birth of new China. He made hard explorations for the founding, consolidation and development of the socialist system in China. He mad immortal exploits for opening up the road of building socialism with Chinese characteristics successfully. Mr. Deng Xiaoping devoted all his life to his homeland and his people, and the people of all nationalities in China also deeply respected Mr. Deng Xiaoping, they cared for and help the development of Guang'an with deep feelings. Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, and more than 30 party and country leaders have come to visit Guang'an.

Guang'an China
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