Guang'an is one of the nearest cities to Chongqing City in Sichuan Province. It takes only 1 hour from Guang'an to Chongqing and 2.5 hours to Chengdu. It takes only half an hour to all counties from Guang'an downtown. 4 national roads and 8 provincial roads crisscross in the boundary, constitute a transportation network extending in all directions with the county and township roads. HuRong (Shanghai-Chengdu Sichuan) Highway, NanYu (Nanchong Sichuan-Chongqing) Highway, LinDian (Linshui Guang'an -DianJiang Chongqing) Highway are intersected in the territory of Guang'an. Xiangfan-Chongqing Railway and Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway, Jialingjiang River and Qujiang River passes through Guang'an. It is the prefectural city with railways, highways and water transportations in all counties, which are only a few in China. Guang'an port has the design capacity of 700 thousand Standard Container, from there up river, the thousand-ton ships can enter into the Yangtze River Golden waterway.

Guang'an China
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